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elizabeth marasco

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Videos?

Say Yes to This Limited Time Offer, I Will Share Step by Step Blueprint and Customized Consulting for Your Next Video Project.  

BONUS FOR LIMITED TIME: When you complete the entire program in 30 days, I will provide a remote video broadcast production, (live or recorded, up to one hour.)

Fast Track 4 Pillars To Create Videos for High Ticket Presentations and Digital Courses

level up video fast track

Level Up Video Fast Track ™

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  • Private members group chat

  • Weekly Live Coaching with Q&A

  • Video show flow templates

  • 30 days of video content prompts

  • Video management library guide

  • Pre-made templates and resources ready to use for your next video marketing funnel.

  • 7 day money-back guarantee


    4-Week Program

    Daily Trainings

    Weekly Live Q&A's

    What is it?

    Level Up Video 30 Day Fast Track Program. Daily tasks focused on improving your video presentation and courses, combined with weekly consulting. 

    Who is it for?

    Entrepreneurs, digital course creators, sales reps, marketing minds, and business leaders who want to level up their video presentations, courses, and promos.

    Where does it happen?

    The training modules will be hosted in a membership website, along with templates, and other key documents. Additionally a weekly zoom conference call, combined with a facebook group chat. 

    How does it work?

    Daily trainings will be sent to you to help you level up your video and presentation skills. You can do these at your own pace. However, there are benefits of staying on the FAST TRACK for success. 

    When does it start?

    The Level Up Video Fast Track starts August August 17th.

    Why does it exist?

    This program exists to help dramatically improve video to increase leads, and keep existing clients engaged. 

    Here’s how it works

    Our program was created to get you the most results, in the shortest period of time

    Week 1: Mindset

    mindset video confidence

    In this week we will discuss mindset obstacles that leave many stuck, including overcoming building confidence when pushing the go live or record button. Even seasoned professional speakers, will benefit from this training, as there is a slightly different approach when delivering a presentation on camera. Additionally road map for success, including overcoming technology hurdles. Say goodbye to tech fear and poor quality videos. 

    Week 2: Design and Presentation

    video presentation and design

    Your videos can instantly move to a pro level when you have the right right graphics, sound, and presentation elements in place. Discover simple but powerful resources to make your next video shine. Plus we will include important information you need to know so your videos are not muted on social media. 

    Week 3: Live Video and Recorded

    live and recorded video business

    There are so many powerful ways to use video to explode your business, including live streaming and recorded video. If you are fully vested into your business, it is helpful to have a skillset to help you with both of these arenas. They each serve a specific purpose. This week will be fun, including a combination of tech talk, broken down in baby steps so you can get up and running with your next video.

    Week 4: Scaling Business With Video

    scale online with video

    Discover powerful strategies to scale your business with quality video. Often people focus on trying to make their videos go viral, yet many of those viral videos have not driven sales. Leverage secrets pros are using to convert videos in cash generating machines driven by smaller audiences. 

    Learn the way that best suits you

    We know everybody learns in a different way - that's why we want to help you. All of the training lessons will be available in the member's website, feel free to go at your own pace, on stay on the FAST TRACK with the 30 day blueprint.

    level up video strategy


    Here is your chance to finally level up your online videos for presentations, digital courses, and so much more! Let your business shine with quality videos, and watch your business scale! 


    Say goodbye to trying to figure it out alone!

    Say Hello Personalized, Custom Trainings Focused Overcoming Obstacles.

    Unlike Many Big Box Programs, You Will Have Direct Access to Support So You Can Get Results!

    You Will Experience Personal Approach, You Will Not Get Lost In The Masses.

    Give Your Business The Attention It Deserves, Video Will Continue To Grow and Quality Will Improve. Are You Ready To Level Up Your Video Now?

    elizabeth marasco

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